42nd Annual ASDAL Conference

Fostering Partnerships: The Powerful Collaboration Between Librarians and Educators

Welcome to the annual conference of the Association of Seventh-day Adventist Librarians. This year's conference will be held virtually and hosted by Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Two live sessions be held on Zoom and require pre-registration. Check out the table of contents for the rest of the seminars or scroll through this webpage. You can also download a PDF of the printed program here.

Live sessions

ALICE Council Meeting
June 28, 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. (Central Time)

Business Meetings
June 28, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. (Central Time) - Watch the recording
June 29, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. (Central Time) - Watch the recording
June 30, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. (Central Time) -
Watch the recording

Download the minutes from last year's business meeting.


Devotional: Edward Allen

Director of Religion Program, Professor of Religion at Union College

Ed Allen

Dr. Edward Allen graduated with a Bachelor's degree from LaSierra University in 1975 and completed a Master of Divinity degree at Andrews University in 1979. He finished a Doctor ofMinistry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1991 and also received a Ph.D. degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2008. Dr. Allen is a Dean at Union College and facilitates the continued development of the Music, Art, and Library programs. Dr. Allen pastored in Northern California from 1976 to 1990. After spending three years at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Church in Hong Kong, he pastored in Southern California until 2005.

"Libraries and the Advocacy of Wisdom and Knowledge"

There is an interesting connection between librarians and Christ as all are proponents of the increase of wisdom and knowledge. Experiences in libraries, while gaining wisdom and knowledge, may increase our understanding of relationship development with God. These interactions may also contribute to a greater understanding of His character.

Keynote: Tanya Cochran

English Program Director, Professor of English and Communication, Director of the Studio for Writing and Speaking at Union College

Tanya Cochran

Tanya R. Cochran, PhD (she/her/hers), is Professor of English and Communication and English Program Director at Union College in Lincoln, NE. This fall, she begins her eighteenth year at Union and twenty-second in the profession. Dr. Cochran also serves as Writing Program Administrator, directs Union's Studio for Writing and Speaking, and organizes the Union College Board of Trustees Writing Awards. Her doctoral coursework focused on composition studies, the history of rhetoric, writing centers, and the intersection of faith and learning. Her dissertation Toward a Rhetoric of Scholar-Fandom centered on her earliest research interests: rhetoric, audience, and media studies. Ongoing research, presentation, and publication topics include fan activism, media paratexts, and narratology as well as the role of communication in addressing experiences of trauma, grief, and shame. Dr. Cochran's most recent endeavors explore the importance of self-compassion to mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

"Better Together: Partnering to Intensify Our Impact"

More than ever, librarians and teachers must work together to intensify our impact on students' information literacy and research skills and, ultimately, their characters. In this presentation, I reminisce about the past, look at the present, and dream of the future—all with literacy, libraries, educators, and students at the center. As educators, library professionals and faculty are preparing students to become the critical thinkers and doers needed at this significant moment in history. Especially in light of our calling as followers of Jesus—the Way, the Truth, and the Life—this work is of inestimable worth.

Presentation: Silas Oliveira

Andrews University

Silas Marques

Dr. Silas Bruscagin Marques has a B.A. in Theology, a B.A, MLS, and a Ph.D in Library & Information Science from the University of Illinois, IL. Currently, Dr. Marques Coordinates the Information Literacy team at James White Library and chairs the Collection Development and also the Professional Development Committee. From 2007 to 2020, he served as the Reference/Database/Off-Campus Services Librarian at Andrews University. He was a faculty of the GSLIS at the Catholic University of Campinas, Brazil from 1984-2004 where he was also Dean of the Graduate School for 4 years. Previously, he was Head of Reference Services at the Universidade Federal de Viosa, Brazil, and before that, Associate Director of the Instituto Adventista de Ensino’s library, in S o Paulo, Brazil. He has implemented strategic planning and organizational structures in several academic libraries and has published over 40 research papers in the international library and information science literature and has also presented papers at conferences worldwide.

"James White Library's Participation In Andrews University's Co-Curricular Program"

As part of earning an Andrews University degree, graduate and undergraduate students have many opportunities to engage in faith and learning opportunities outside the classroom. These complement academic courses and allow students to document valuable skills and dispositions desired by employers. Cocurricular education targets learning outcomes in eight areas of well-being under the banner “Made to Thrive.” This study concentrates on the results obtained by the JWL’s participation in this program offering information literacy training since the Fall Semester of 2021.

Presentation:  Stacyann Quintero

Director of Library Services, The Forde Library, University of Southern Caribbean

Ms. Stacyann Quintero is the Director of Library Services at the University of the Southern Caribbean and is diligent and committed to her profession. She began working at the Forde Library, University of the Southern Caribbean in 2006, where she discovered her passion for Library Services. She received a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Studies at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, in 2013. Ms. Quintero has served in the Circulations and Technical Services Department at different levels including Library Assistant, Librarian and Associate Librarian. Ms. Quintero is interested in the use of technology to enhance staff delivery and patron’s experience. Some of the projects in which she played a major role are, the documenting and creation of the Policy Manual for the Forde Library and the organization and development, of the University of the Southern Caribbean’s Tobago Campus Library. In April 2019, she was appointed to be the Director of Library Services at the Forde Library. Her current research areas are Library Management, Technology in Libraries, Access Services and Library Instruction. Ms. Quintero is personable and enjoys helping people. She lives by the words "Do unto others as you will have them do unto you".

Anastasia Mulraine-Campbell

Associate Librarian, The Forde Library, University of Southern Caribbean

Anastasia Mulraine-Campbell

Mrs. Anastasia Mulraine-Campbell holds two Masters degrees, one in Business Administration (Honours) in 2016 and another in Library and Information Studies with Distinction in 2021. Since her employment at the Forde Library in January 2011, Mrs. Mulraine-Campbell has served in the Units of Circulations, User Services and Reference & Instruction at various levels. As of 2021, she serves as the Associate Librarian. She has been instrumental in developing and upgrading policies and procedures for these units with a focus on quality control, the integration of technology and systems in key processes, and ensuring open lines of communication between stakeholders. At present, she is responsible for the User Services Department. She also partners with the Director of Library Services for reference and instruction activities at the Forde Library. Additionally, she responds to issues in the areas of research and marketing. Mrs. Mulraine- Campbell is an avid reader and is passionate about service, whether in a professional capacity or serving her local church body. One adage that she lives by is 'Knowledge is Power!'. This reinforces her ability to strive for continuous improvement in each area of her life. Her current research areas include library marketing, research and instruction.

"Freshman Library Orientation at the Forde Library, USC Pivoting During the COVID-19 Pandemic"

The Forde library, like many other academic libraries, was forced to adapt to the changing world with the sudden invasion of the COVID – 19 pandemic. This necessitated the restructuring of the delivery of Library orientation with a heavy reliance on technology. We were also cognizant of the adjustments our users needed to make to operate within this new and unique virtual learning environment. This research focuses on the role that technology and collaboration played in Freshmen Library Orientation, focusing on the method of delivery and content disseminated at the University of the Southern Caribbean. New undergraduate students at the Forde Library interfaces with the library on three occasions: firstly, during Freshmen Library Orientation, then through a library unit embedded in a  Foundations of Online Learning course via the University’s Learning Management Systems (Moodle) and lastly, through their Academic Writing I classes. The data collected was during the period September 2018 to September 2021. It utilized a multipoint, mixed methods data analysis strategy covering information gleaned from internal Library reports, a quantitative survey given to students, and the insights of the two librarians at the Library. The findings revealed that tiers of collaboration and partnership between the Forde Library, the Department of Student Development, the School of Distance Education and the School of Education and Humanities, played an integral part during the pandemic in awakening an awareness of the Forde Library, aiming to disseminate some measure of digital literacy and ultimately, empowering the students on the tools and techniques needed to achieve academic success. Overall, student satisfaction remained constant during both the pre-pandemic and the pandemic periods. Key recommendations were the need for greater marketing efforts, training and more student-centred learning activities to be integrated into the virtual orientation.

Presentation: Paulette Johnson

Dean of Libraries, Andrews University

Paulette Johnson

Paulette McLean Johnson serves as the dean of libraries at Andrews University. Her academic librarian career began at Pacific Union College (PUC) in 1997, following a decade in K-12 and public libraries in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Between 2003 and 2019 Paulette directed library services at Oakwood University. With over 30 years of varied and progressive library and leadership experience, Paulette has demonstrated a strong commitment to service, student success, and SDA librarianship. She functions in several roles in and outside of the library profession and is an avid reader who likes to travel, meet new people, and engage in meaningful conversations and much laughter. Paulette is a graduate of McGill University with degrees in English Literature and Library & Information Science, and an Education Specialist degree from La Sierra University. She is a lifelong learner, currently taking the long route toward a PhD in Higher Education Administration at Andrews University.

"Leadership and Advocacy"

The Seventh-day Adventist Church regards education highly and producing workers endures as an important purpose of SDA education. Departments of Religion exist in almost every college and university to prepare pastors, chaplains, religion teachers, and bible workers for the field or for continued studies at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. Similarly, Schools of Education exist on almost every campus to train teachers. However, no SDA institution in North America offers an ALAaccredited library science program. It remains unclear how many education candidates pursue the media specialist certification required for working in a school library/media center. SDA academic libraries face staffing challenges due to budgetary cuts, personnel reductions, retirements, aging workforce,  a technological innovations, changes in library processes, SDA librarians moving to non-SDA institutions, and the lack of a pipeline of SDA librarians from which to recruit and hire. This study examines IPEDS data of the last decade from SDA academic libraries to determine how librarian staffing trends in SDA higher institutions compare with national benchmarks. Additionally, it provides library administrators data to make decisions about librarian education, professional development, career, and succession planning.

Devotional: David Kabanje

Vice President for Spiritual Life, Union College

David Kabanje was born in Zambia and raised by two wonderful God-fearing parents that taught him the value of ministry and education. By God's grace, he married a wonderful Proverbs 31 woman, Kiana Kabanje, and is the chaplain at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. He recently received a post graduate degree in innovation and leadership and aims to be a life long learner.

"Spiritual Weeds and the Gospel"

The Gospel of Jesus Christ cultivates our hearts, minds, and souls to receive God’s love, a love that eradicates our spiritual weeds and compels us to love others.

Presentation: Sabrina Riley

Independent Archivist

Sabrina Riley

Sabrina Riley, MILS, is an independent information professional in Northern Virginia. Her current projects include contract editing for the Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists, Adventist history feature writer for the Mid-America Union Outlook, and an in-progress book manuscript about the Seventh-day Adventist Medical Cadet Corps. She has previously worked as a reference and instruction librarian at Andrews University and library director at Union College. Her family history blog can be read at https://www.familyarchivist.net/blog-1 and her Adventist Historical Footprints column can be read at https://outlookmag.org/author/sabrina-riley/

"Supporting Invisible Schools: Homeschoolers, the COVID-19 Pandemic, College Recruitment, and Community Outreach"

Chances are good that before the pandemic homeschoolers were among the community users in American Adventist college and university libraries, post-pandemic they almost certainly are. Enrollment management on most campuses intentionally recruits homeschoolers. Academic libraries are uniquely positioned to contribute to this recruitment effort through community outreach targeted to the needs of  homeschool families, each of which comprises its own small school. This presentation discusses issues, needs, and ideas to consider when serving your local homeschool community.

Presentations: Zorislav Plantak

Systems Librarian, James White Library, Andrews University

Zorislav Plantak

Zorislav Plantak, Ph.D., MLIS, From January 2019 he serves as Systems Librarian at James White Library at Andrews University. In 2018 he earned a Ph.D. in Christian Ethics and Leadership with the dissertation: Ethical Analysis of Abuses of Power in Christian Leadership—A Case Study of "Kingly Power" in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In May 2021, he earned a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science (MILS) from Wayne State University. He also has more than 20 years of pastoral experience in the United States and Europe. From 2007 till the end of 2018 he worked as a Student Assistant to the  Systems Manager at the James White Library. His MLIS degree complemented that experience in the management of the library's website and databases. He is also well acquainted with cutting-edge photo, audio, and visual technologies. He believes in collaboration, creating good relations, and making bridges between different persons and groups.

" The Librarian's Journey: from Encore to Discovery - Why and How We Did It" 

In this presentation, I will share the experience of transitioning from one library search engine to another at James White Library. The presentation will include the reasons for the transition, a description of the process, the benefits of the transition, and the challenges of transition. We are sharing our experience with the intention of helping other librarians who are planning or are already in the process of a similar change.

"An Insight into Ethics of the Information Professions" 

While not discussed too often, librarianship as a profession deals with many ethical challenges. Some of those challenges are easier and harder to deal with. This paper introduces some ethical issues in the library settings, specifically in an academic library, from the unique perspective of a librarian, professor, and ethicist. As an introduction to the topic, it is a combination of observations and suggestions with the goal of initiating further exploration of numerous ethical issues with the implementation of the servant leadership model in library settings. In addition to servanthood as the proposed model of modus operandi in the academic library, this research paper includes (but it is not limited to) equal access to the knowledge, the influence of librarians on the educational institution by selecting the books for the library collections, the issue of privacy and respect for the intellectual work. Addressing and facing those issues can help educators, and in this case, librarians, be intrinsically good keepers of the knowledge and a good distributor of it. 

Presentations: Sheila Clark

Librarian, Burman University Library

Sheila Clark

Sheila Clark is the Librarian at Burman University in Lacombe, Alberta. She is currently serving her second term as chair of the executive committee of NEOS, the library consortium for northern and central Alberta. As a solo librarian, she is involved to some extent in all areas of library work though her areas of particular interest are information literacy instruction, collection development and open educational resources. Outside the library, Sheila enjoys gardening, hymn writing, and her two cats.

"Be Sure the Makerspace has Separate Venting: Planning the 21st Century Library" 

Building a library is a career highlight for any librarian. After decades of team effort, vision, and planning the new Burman University Library opened its doors on January 19, 2022. My presentation will give a brief overview of the process from choosing an architect to working with the builder, from visioning to the multitude of details, and finally moving in.

Here is a video of the library dedication.

Devotional: Rich Carlson

Pastor, College View Church

Rich Carlson

Pastor Rich Carlson is the retired chaplain at Union College and currently serves as interim senior pastor at College View Church, Lincoln Nebraska.

"What's the Point Anyway?"

Presentation: Bliss Kuntz

Library Director, Union College

Bliss Kuntz

Bliss Kuntz is the Library Director at Union College in Lincoln Nebraska. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Western Kentucky University and a Masters of Library and Information Science from the University of Denver. Bliss has worked in the Union College library as a Public Services Assistant, Research and Instruction Librarian, and Library Director. Shortly she will be transitioning back to fulltime teaching at Highland Academy in Portland Tennessee and directing the library there.

"Lora McMahon King Heritage Room Projects" 

The Ella Johnson Crandall Memorial Library houses the Lora McMahon King Heritage Room in conjunction with institutional archives. As the host for the annual conference (and on behalf of the Adventist Resource Section of ASDAL), Union College library staff would like to update ASDAL conference participants of current archiving projects. This brief session reviews ongoing digitization and display design efforts by library staff and student workers.

Presentation: Terry Robertson

Associate Dean of Libraries, Andrews University

Terry Robertson

Currently, Terry Dwain Robertson serves the James White Library, Andrews University as Associate Dean of Libraries, Seminary Librarian, and Repository Librarian. He is an editor with the ASDAL peer reviewed publication, Journal of Adventist Libraries and Archives and has worked at James White Library since 1992.

"The Bible Software Grant Program for International Universities: Supporting Libraries in Developing Countries Despite COVID"

In February 2020, Seventh-day Adventist Schools in developing countries were offered the opportunity to install and use a Bible Software program upon submitting a grant application. The Bible Library package included over 70 titles of standard reference works for each school’s use. This opportunity was sponsored by generous donors and supported by respected church entities: The Foundation for Adventist Education, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University, James White Library, Andrews University, Adventist Theological Society, and the General Conference Department of Education. These entities were motivated to enhance and enrich theological education within the global community. Sixty licenses were distributed to Universities in Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. Unfortunately, due to Covid, many schools closed, and others transitioned to remote learning, which did not give students opportunities to  access the software. Most campuses began reopening in Fall 2021, finally making it possible to install and promote the use of the software. This presentation reports on the development and implementation of the grant program, the Covid disruption, continued efforts to maximize the value of the grant to the Universities, and anecdotal feedback from the recipients.