Career and Graduate School Fair

Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska conducts Career and Graduate School Fairs hosted by Student Success each academic year for students. Find information about upcoming fairs and register for a booth below!

Career and Graduate School Fair

The next Career and Graduate School fair will be held on September 19, 2024 from 10:30 till noon. This event is hosted by Student Success and Career Services.

Registration for companies and graduate programs is now open. Please click the link below to register. Registrations will be reviewed and an email will be sent with payment information. The booth registration fee is $50.

Contact if you have questions or would like your organization added to our contact list for future information on the fall Career and Graduate School Fair.

Student FAQ

All students are invited to attend the Career and Graduate School Fair event. A variety of companies attend our fair to help you consider career options, find an internship, land a job, or continue your education through graduate school.

Why should I attend?

Take this opportunity to practice talking with employers, learn about opportunities for internships, jobs, and graduate programs, and make connections for next steps after college. Plus, win prizes and get your FREE professional profile photo!

How can I prepare?

Know your why. Practice sharing a little about yourself. Have a few questions ready that you can ask the representatives at the fair. Research the companies and graduates schools--prepare to talk to both.

What should I wear?

Choose a professional outfit. A more traditional suit or dress pants with a dress shirt and blazer gives the best impression. We also offer free headshots, so dress for that!

What do I do when I get there?

Check in and collect any information available, then start meeting and collecting information from the organizations represented. Not sure who to talk to? Ask! We will be there to help.

Should I bring my resume?

Yes! Bring a few copies of your resume or other networking material like a brochure, portfolio, or business card. (Visit Career Services in the Student Success Center to fine tune this!) Organizations may not request it or even keep it, but it can help to show or hand over if requested. Also have it saved as a PDF to upload or email as requested after the event.

What if I’m not a senior?

Research for student internships should start your first year in college. While senior year is often when big decisions about next steps after college are made, the information and connections to make those decisions can be started as early as your freshman year. Make it a yearly habit to attend whichever fair is relevant to you until you graduate.

Organization FAQ

We are delighted for your company or graduate institution to be represented in one of our fairs!

How do I register for the fair?

REGISTER HERE for the September 19, 2024 Event.

How do I pay for our booth?

Payment for the in-person and/or virtual fairs must be made via credit card at In the drop down menu choose “Career and Graduate School Fair ($50) - Fall 2024.” 

Where is the fair located and where should I park?

For even location, see #6 on this campus map. Parking information will be provided upon registration. 

How many students and which majors attend the fair?

The annual fair is held during our weekly campus assembly time to encourage all students to attend. Attendance varies year to year depending on things like students’ schedules, class sizes for interested majors, or their perceived need for this event. We communicate with students regularly leading up to the fair, through our campus social media, school emails, posters around campus, class visits, and announcements in other venues.

We encourage all students to attend the fair, freshmen through seniors, to make connections for internships, continuing education, and finding a job after college. Students from a variety of majors will be attending each career fair event, so please refer to the majors list and have materials ready to provide career or graduate program information relevant to the students who will be attending. 

If you have opportunities available for specific fields or majors, please let us know and we can help get that information to the respective programs and students.

Got questions?

To ask about the Career and Graduate School Fair, contact: