Internship takes student home and to a new level of ministry

Gavin Forbes spent the fall semester away from Union College in his hometown of Apopka, Florida. It wasn’t because he wanted to trade the windy Nebraska autumn for the Florida sunshine — although he certainly…

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Ashira sitting at a station

A Heart for the unhoused

It can be easy to make generalizations about people without permanent housing. But for Ashira Campbell, sophomore communication major at Union College, each unhoused person is an individual she has an opportunity to serve. “They…

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Milka sitting at a desk and smiling

How to be the perfect leader

“As a leader, you are constantly being watched by other people,” said Union College sophomore Milka Mendoza Sanchez. “You have to think about how you present yourself. How will people see God in you?”  As…

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HeartScan: not just a way to avoid worship credits

When Agustin Castillo heard about HeartScan as a new student at Union College, it seemed like an easy way to simplify his life. “All the uWorships and uGathers seemed like a lot,” he explained. “I…

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Photo of Brian Peoples at the Nebraska capitol

Brian Peoples: a behind-the-scenes view of the Senate

The average citizen never gets a behind-the-scenes look at the United States Senate. But Brian Peoples certainly isn’t average. The senior international relations and history major has been working in Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse’s Lincoln…

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Photo of the 2022 Disaster Response Team

Students respond to Hurricane Ian

Helping those who need it mostWhen a natural disaster tears through communities, it doesn’t discriminate based on affluence, race, or socioeconomic status. Anyone in its path is affected. When disaster response teams arrive on scene,…

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Photo of Caleb

Caleb Wehling: choosing a career in healthcare

Although nursing student Caleb Wehling loves his major now, he didn’t always want to become a nurse. With a nurse and an anesthesiologist for parents, the junior from Kearney, Nebraska decided to forge his own…

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Photo of McClain Kuhel

McClain Kuhel: making space for learning

As students return to school, a handful are preparing for a semester on the other side of the classroom. McClain Kuhel is a social science education major who will be student teaching this semester. He’s…

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Photo of Maurie Andino in Seattle

Taming the Amazon (financial disclosures)

Everybody knows Amazon, the trillion dollar website that can deliver your package in less than a day. But few understand it like Maurie Andino. A rising senior accounting and finance major, Andino is currently interning…

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Photo of Austin Hill boxing

Austin Hill: college is hard, but life can be harder

Sitting on a roof in the bitter cold of a Chicago November, joints aching, Austin Hill thought to himself: Going to school is better than working construction.  So he returned to Union.  Austin’s meandering journey…

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Photo of Amber Cook with her race car

Amber Cook: the art in racing

Dust and exhaust rise from the ground as thousands of horsepower rumble to life. The deafening engines drown out the crowd’s low roar as anticipation and excitement builds. This is exactly what Amber Cook loves…

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Photo of Christianna Nesmith

Christianna Nesmith: putting the community in college

Christianna Nesmith doesn’t make all of her decisions at summer camp—just the big, life-changing ones. For example, she was working at Camp Wakonda in Wisconsin when she met her fiancé (they’re getting married this month).…

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