Computer Science

Build the next generation of technology.

fastest growing occupation

Technology is evolving at high speeds. As technology rapidly changes, the computing industry seeks professionals ready and able to keep up with this high-speed work environment. They need innovators capable of designing and implementing computer software, hardware, networks and web or mobile technologies to improve the quality of life for businesses, homes and families.

If you love technology and want to join innovators in this continually expanding field, then Union College’s computing program may be the perfect college experience for you.

Why study computing?

  • Computer and information research scientists are likely to enjoy excellent job prospects, as many companies report difficulties finding enough of these highly skilled workers
  • Experience a challenging and fulfilling career solving technology problems that help society.
  • Since computing is practical to almost every type of industry, you're likely to find a workplace that fits your unique interests.

The Business and Computer Science faculty provided an encouraging and challenging learning environment. While at Union, I participated in Google’s Summer of Code program twice—a valuable experience I only attempted thanks to encouragement from the faculty and staff at Union. What I learned in Union’s computer science program helped me move up to the Enterprise Architecture team with my current employer in a short time. Since graduating, I rarely felt like I’m going to ‘work.’ What better way to spend life than to do what you love while being paid!

Jon Stacey
2010 graduate, now architect of all things computery at Computerdyne
photo of Jon Stacey

Real experience starts long before graduation.

of students complete an internship

As computing continues to change, the fundamental building blocks you’ll learn at Union will remain valid, giving you a good foundation to expand into new areas as they develop. This flexibility will help you stand out as a well-rounded professional candidate.

Why study at Union College?

  • Union’s computing degree is designed to match your educational needs with your career goals.
  • Choose from multiple emphases including computer science and computer information systems.
  • Discover a professor-to-student ratio that makes it easy for you to ask questions and get feedback.
  • We’ll help connect you to internship opportunities at a wide variety of non-profit and government organizations, or local companies and global corporations, many located within 10 minutes of campus.

Union really prepared me for the workplace in a way most people don’t think about. The spirit of camaraderie between students of all majors and all professors meant I had friends in business, art, marketing and music. This put me ahead of my peers when I stepped into the business world because I understood how to interact with people who didn’t graduate with a computer science degree. Being able to work with other majors has helped propel me to where I am today.

Collin Krueger
2010 graduate and now a developer analyst in Bentonville, Ark.
photo Collin Krueger

Majors and minors

Computer Science
Emphasizing programming, a computer science degree trains you to solve problems using formal logic, mathematics and programming languages.
Four-year bachelor of science: 2023-2025 guide

Information Systems
With an emphasis on the interaction between business and computing, information systems provides a great basis for careers such as network management, technical support and server administration.
Four-year bachelor of science: 2023-2025 guide
Two-year associate of science: 2023-2025 guide

Your career options

Software developer

Develop the applications that allow people to do specific tasks on a computer or another device.

Job outlook
25% growth (much faster than average)

Median pay

Computer systems analyst

Study an organization’s current computer systems and procedures, and design solutions to help the organization operate more efficiently and effectively.

Job outlook
10% growth (faster than average)

Median pay

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