George Stone School

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George P. Stone Elementary School is a two-teacher, K-8, Seventh-day Adventist school operated by the education department of Union College. The school opened its doors in 1976 as a multi-grade training school for teachers. George Stone is fully approved by the State of Nebraska and accredited by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Our history and philosophy


Peter Adams, M.A. 
Head Teacher and Assistant Professor of Education
402.486.2600 ext. 2173

Jacquelyn Simpson, M.A.
Assistant Professor; Instructor, Grades K-4

Jennifer Carlson, B.A.
Instructor, Grades 5-8


Enrollment at George Stone is open to students whose families wish to have their children in a small, nurturing, Christian environment that helps all students experience academic success at their ability level. Enrollment is limited so that a small student-teacher ratio may be maintained.

Specific information about the school program and other items of interest are available at George Stone's website.