Silhouette of a gymnast.

Union's acrobatic gymnastics team travels throughout the Midwest and nationally, performing at churches, schools and other venues. Acro has less in common with the artistic gymnastics seen at the Olympics and is more closely related to cheerleading and circus gymnastics. The Gymnaires perform but they do not compete.

Membership on the Gymnaires team gives class credit and can apply toward health and human performance general education requirements.

Roster | 2023-2024

  • Natalie Darrough
  • Ella Foster
  • Ava Fuentes
  • Amalia Hidalgo
  • Saphi McFarquhar
  • Rachel Saylor
  • Brooklyn Wishard
  • Patrick Birlew
  • Michael Blood
  • Dylan Friesen
  • Alex King
  • Corbin Schlisner
  • Devin Schlisner
  • Jhai Slater
  • Yonathan Suarez

Coaches | 2023-2024

  • Matt Teller (head coach)
  • Matthew Russell (assistant men's coach)
  • Kaytlyn Sizemore (assistant women's coach)
  • Jovan Cross (support coach)
  • Francisco Campos (support coach)
  • Carlos Guzman (support coach)
  • Marvin Velasquez (support coach)
  • Rueben Garcia (support coach)
  • Robert Umali (support coach)

Summer workout routine

Planning to tryout for the Union College Gymnaires acrosport gymnastic team? Start using this workout during the summer so you are ready to go in August.

Expectations for tryouts:

  • Men — Press to handstand
  • Women — Front splits
  • Everyone — Handstand for 10 seconds

Here's the routine.