Teacher of the Year Award


Union College Library is seeking nominations for the 2017 Teacher of the Year Award.

This award recognizes a Union College teacher's support of the library during the school year and grants him or her the opportunity to expand an area of the library's collection which is of particular professional interest.

Tom Toews, 2016 Library Teacher of the year, used the award to expand the library's collection of classics by Augustine and Josephus. While the library already owned English translations of several of these books, Toews was "particularly interested in the library having these volumes from the Loeb Classical Library as they provide the original language as well."

The 2016 winning nominee will be someone who:

  • Actively uses library resources for personal research
  • Promotes library use among students
  • Supports library-sponsored programs
  • Regularly recommends new materials for acquisition
  • Assists with maintenance of the collection through weeding

The winner will be announced during National Library Week, April 12-18, 2017, and will receive $500 spending credit toward his or her library materials requests for the 2017-2018 fiscal year beyond the regular divisional allocation.

To make a nomination (faculty may nominate themselves), submit the name along with one paragraph describing how the nominee meets the above criteria to the Union College Library. E-mail, campus mail, and hand delivery all accepted. Nominations will not be accepted after March 31, 2017. The winner will be selected by the library staff.

Previous winners

(Previous winners are eligible for a second award after five years.)

2016 Tanya Cochran (eligible again in 2021)
2015 Tom Toews (eligible again in 2020)
2014 Mike Mennard (eligible again in 2019)
2013 Frankie Rose (eligible again in 2018)
2012 Salvador Moguel (eligible again in 2017)
2011 Debbie Eno
2010 Mike Huckabee
2009 Tanya Cochran
2008 Mark Robison
2007 Edward Allen
2006 Joann Herrington
2005 Karl-Heinz Schroeder
2004 Kathy Bollinger