Professional Excellence curriculum

Pick the courses for Professional Excellence

Course choices

1. Following Christ

A. RELB 115 Encountering Jesus as Savior—1 Course
   or RELT 110 Introduction to Christian Faith and Adventism
   or RELT 141 Christian Beliefs

B. Any 200 or 300 level RELB course (RELB 360 Interpretation of Romans recommended)—1 Course

C. RELT 305 Christian Ethics (3) or RELT 306 Biomedical Ethics—1 Course

2. Thinking Deeply as a Christian

A. RELG 345 Global Environment and International Policy—1 Course
   or RELH 310 History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (WR)
   or RELT 347 World Religions
   or RELT 355 Imagination, Theology, and History
   or any 400 level REL course

Students transferring from institutions other than Seventh-day Adventist colleges as Sophomores take one course from category 1A, one course from category 1B, and one course from either category 1C or category 2.

3. Thinking Analytically

A. A college-level science course (e.g. BIOL, CHEM, PHYS) with a lab—1 Course

B. MATH 221 Elementary Statistics and Probability or MATH 111 College Algebra for OTA and Education majors only—1 Course

4. Communicating Effectively

A. COMM 105 Public Speaking—1 Course
   or COMM 205 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

B. ENGL 110 Writing for General Audiences—1 Course

C. ENGL 212 Writing for Scholarly Audiences—1 Course

5. Engaging Globally

A. ECON 235 Macroeconomics–1 Course
   or ECON 236 Microeconomics
   or LEAD 425 Experiences in Leadership
   or FNCE 215 Personal Finance
   or FNCE 325 Business Finance
   or NURS 433 Disaster Nursing (2) (Nursing majors only)

B. Engaging Globally electives—1 Course

COMM 355 Advanced Speech and Oral Interpretation
   or COMM 425 Intercultural Communication
   or COMM 465 Interpersonal Communication
   or INRR 300 Social Dimensions of Disaster
   or NURS 391 Global Health Nursing (Nursing majors only)
   or NURS 474 Community Health (WR) (3.5) (Nursing majors only)

6. Living with Purpose and Wonder

A. Any LITR*, or PHIL course—1 Course

B. Any ART, HIST*, HMNT, MUHL, or MUTH course—1 Course
   or PHOT 250
   or PHOT 450

C. HHPA 155 Concepts of Wellness—1 Course
   or INRR 321 Global Health (IRR majors only)
   or NURS 305 Physical Assessment (Nursing majors only)

D. HHPA (physical activity elective)—1 Course
   or INRR 110, INRR 112, INRR 114, and INRR 116 (IRR majors only)

7. College Success—1 Course

CORE 100 College Success

8. Foreign Language (Required for BA degree only)—2 Course

Beginning foreign language or ASL in a year-long sequence (___ 101, ____ 102)

CLEP credit accepted with a minimum score of 50