Your room — your way

Single room, same cost

Starting in August 2023, Union College will only have one price for residence hall rooms. That means you could have a room by yourself and not pay any extra!

How does this work?

Single-occupancy rooms are handed out on a first come, first served basis. That means that current Union students have the first option to request a single room, then new students will get a chance.

How do I sign up for a single room?

It's easy! New students, just follow these steps:

  • Complete the Union College application. Click here
  • Pay the $100 ($5,000 for international students) confirmation deposit. Click here
    (Note: You'll need your UC-ID and password that will be emailed after you apply and are accepted to Union).
  • Complete and submit the Housing Form. Click here
    (Note: Choose the "single room" option on the housing form if you want your own room.)

You need to complete these steps in order. Once you do, you'll be placed next in line on the list to get your own room.

Returning students need to talk to one of the deans to reserve a room.

If I complete the steps above, am I guaranteed to get my own room?

No. But, the sooner you do, the higher you'll be on the list. Single-occupancy rooms are limited and subject to availability. We will do our best to accommodate everyone who wants their own room. And you won't have to pay more either way.

What if I still want a roommate?

You are welcome to live with a roommate in Union's residence halls. Just indicate your preference when you fill out the housing form.

When will I know if I get my own room?

Rooms are assigned in June by the residence hall deans. You will be notified when your room is assigned.


Want to know more? Talk to one of our enrollment counselors.

Phone: 402.486.2504

Learn more about Union's residence halls here.