Spark Start

Spark Start - August 13-17, 2023

If you're looking for that extra spark to start your college career off right, join Union College for Spark Start, a four-day intensive before uConnect that will help give you the tools to be successful in college.

Spark Start is a great way for new students to ignite their college experience. Join us to make early connections with new classmates and advisors and get off to a great start at Union College. 

The engaging coursework will help you build a strong foundation and ensure you are ready for college-level classes. The event won't cost you any extra, and you'll be able to charge your meals to your student account.

Earn a college credit

Spark Start is worth one college credit, which comes at no additional cost to you and will be considered as one of your courses for the fall semester.

NOTE: If you sign up for more than 17 credit hours for the fall semester, you will be charged a per credit hour fee for any classes over 17 hours. If you do sign up for more than 17 hours, you may choose to take Spark Start for no credit and be charged a reduced audit fee.

Pick your track

Pick the track that best suits your needs and interests:

(CLOSED: REGISTRATION LIMIT HAS BEEN MET) College Readiness — this track will focus on skills needed to prepare you for college rigor. “Studentship,” executive function skills, learning, study and test-taking strategies, time management, and collegiate-level writing will be featured in various sessions. You will also work to clarify your “why,” build connections with the Union family, and experience Jesus as an integral part of the Union Experience.

(CLOSED: REGISTRATION LIMIT HAS BEEN MET) U at Union  — this track is for students who already feel academically prepared for college but want to build skills of leadership, problem-solving, and intellectual conversation. You will be urged to explore how you can adopt the spirit of Union into your collegiate life and personal “calling.” You will be asked to be an influencer, and build a web of influence guiding your own support. Walking with and serving Jesus will be featured as a centerpiece of the Union Experience.


Spark Start begins on Sunday afternoon, August 13, so plan to be on campus by then. You'll move into the residence hall that day and be ready for events to start at 6:30 p.m. Spark Start will conclude on Thursday morning in time for you to join the rest of the new students for uConnect (new student orientation).

See a sample schedule.

Register for Spark Start:


You can pick whichever track you want. But don't wait, because we only have room for 25 in each track. 

You need to be fully accepted at Union College and pay the $100* confirmation deposit before you can register for Spark Start.

  1. Submit your application to Union College here.
  2. Pay your $100* new student confirmation deposit here
  3. Click the blue registration button below to register for Spark Start.

*Please note that this amount is the standard deposit for US residents. International Students, please refer to the registration steps listed here.


Contact Martha Hornung, the Spark Start coordinator, at