The Studio Mission

The Studio for Writing and Speaking at Union College is unique among writing centers because it models Jesus, the Living Word of God, who teaches us a personal, communal, reciprocal, and transformational way a gospel way of knowing and communicating.

Because we promote the knowledge and practice of faith, hope, and love in learning and living, our mission is:

  • to assist writers and speakers through dialogue and personalized instruction in producing innovative, sound, and meaningful research and presentations in and across their disciplines and communities
  • to encourage writers and speakers to touch both local and global communities through writing and speaking that ennobles humanity and honors God

Writing center specialist Stephen North declares, "Our job is to produce better writers, not better writing." At the Studio and Union College, we believe our vocation is to produce better writers, speakers, and better lovers of Christ. In fact, we are persuaded that the process of invention, revision, and delivery resemble the process of growing in Jesus. Good writing and speaking is like sanctification: the work of a lifetime. Our purpose is to provide an environment where such life-writing and life-speaking occurs.

Because any written or oral text requires time and persistence, we encourage students to make an appointment at all stages of the process. Consultants are available to brainstorm before the writer or speaker puts one word on a notebook page or computer screen, as well as to offer feedback on first, in-between, and final drafts of writing projects and oral presentations. As a later concern, consultants provide guidance in grammar and mechanics. While they are not trained as editors or proofreaders, consultants help students identify and correct their own errors. Ideally, consultants and the students they work with develop a trusting relationship within which both hone their communication skills.

Studio services are provided without charge.

For more information on preparing for a consultation, see our Studio Guidelines.