Together we are #UnionStrong

The world has changed quickly and forever in just a few weeks. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

As the landscape evolved, Union College employees took immediate action to transition our students to online instruction, showing grit and resilience as they adjusted to a new reality.

Union College, YOUR school, has weathered crises in the past because you chose to partner with us. And together we will do so again—generations of Unionites united through good times and bad. 

This crisis has illustrated the profound generosity and courage of our Union family, and I have never been more grateful for our community. And while we may stand six feet apart, we stand unified in our commitment to helping our students successfully live out their God-given calling.

For those who are asking what they can do to help, please reach out to any Union students or employees you may know and lend them a word of support or a prayer.

Two girls smiling.

union college relief grant

Most Union College students work in order to afford tuition, whether on-campus or in the Lincoln community. Now they have returned to their hometowns at one of the worst times in American history to find a job, and they are anxious about how they will pay their tuition for the remainder of the semester. Your gift will help as many as possible fund their education so they are eligible to graduate in May or return in the fall.

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Union College would like to help students who face difficulty transitioning to remote learning from their homes, some of our students have lost access to affordable mental healthcare and jobs to pay for food, village housing and even the technology needed to continue their education. Your support will help those most in need.

Dr. William Fitts teaching a grammar class

We are committed to providing our students the same academic rigor and compassionate personal attention they would have received in person as we transition to online classes. That means providing everyone with technological tools we never expected to need. We are acquiring new resources daily and adapting to new technologies quickly, but all of that comes at a cost. Your gift will help Union invest in instructional technology and maintain a strong community of support for our students even when they are scattered around the country.

Critical areas of support to help our students remain #UnionStrong

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